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Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning      
     Carpet in your home or business is more than something soft to walk on. Many people don't realize carpet also acts as the main filter for the dirt and dust moving throughout your home. Using truck-mounted, high-heat extraction equipment we are able to remove the deep down dirt and grime from your carpet without the inconvenience of a long dry time. As an added benefit to our clients we use only eco-friendly/green cleaning products so that we can provide not only quality results, but safe as well. If you are looking for fresh feeling, residue free deep carpet cleaning that is safe for your home or business, we can deliver.    

*dry times vary (approx. 2-6 hrs.)

Upholstery Cleaning
     Upholstered furniture and surfaces in your home or business can take a real beating. Think of the amount of dirt and grime that gets embedded in your furniture over time. Using the same high-heat extraction equipment we are able remove the unwanted dirt and grime leaving your upholstered surfaces feeling soft, comfortable and dry in no time. Many companies shy away from fine-fabric textiles. We do not. We have the experience and eco-friendly products to tackle almost any type of upholstery and furniture.

*dry times vary (approx. 1-4 hrs.)

Tile & Grout Cleaning 
       Tile and grout surfaces are porous. Dirt and grime gets trapped in these areas and sometimes do-it-yourself cleaning is not enough. Using the same truck-mounted, high-heat equipment we are able release the trapped dirt and extract it, without leaving residue. This process produces astonishing results and in many cases leaves these hard surfaces looking like new.

*dry times vary (approx. 30 min.)


Ask about: area rugs, drapes, emergency water extraction